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These pickle spears are outstanding along side any meal or just great out of the jar as a snack. Using a three generation old recipe we hand pack our jars with the best quality cucumbers and pour over our secret brine. We let them sit for two weeks to ensure you get the maximum flavor out of these crisp, delicious pickles. Small batch, no sugar added, no preservatives, no additives and gluten free.

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16 oz Sliced

2 reviews for Speared Dill Pickles

  1. Adm

    pickles are GREAT! they are crunchy, salty and have vinaagr-one certainly will ward off the munchies. did you know they are great for kids with asthma? regardless, make sure they are cold pickles-cold foods and drinks will speed up your metabolism!

  2. Jeasica

    I am a pickle lover so I’ve had my fair share of pickles and these are outstanding! Hands down the best pickles I’ve ever had. I am pregnant and crave pickles and these are my favorite snack. I usually don’t like pickles after opening them and refrigerating them (strange, I know but I feel like it changes the taste) but these pickles are delicious from the jar opening to sitting in the fridge. Thank you for satisfying my cravings!!!

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