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Marinara Sauce

Using organic and fresh natural ingredients with her same recipe, Krista continues to make small batches to provide you the best quality sauce with her touch in every jar. With its great flavor and endless uses, you will find yourself sharing with your family and loved ones just as Krista does!

Dill Pickles (Spicy & Regular)

Using the best quality cucumbers at the peak of their season, and fresh all-natural ingredients, experience our great pickle test! We had pack our jars, pour in our secret brine and let them sit for two weeks. This ensures you get the maximum flavor in each bite!

Relish (Pepper, Sweet, & Spicy Sweet)

We bring you a line of delicious, gourmet relishes! From the sweet relish to teh pepper relish, there are endless ways to use them.

Salsas (Mild, Hot, and Devils Spit)

We hand-pack jars to deliver you this delicious, flavorful salsa. Not only is this salsa great with chips but it can also be used on omelets, eggs, tacos and even any chicken dish. There is no wrong way to enjoy!
  • Deep Passion

    We are committed to bringing you local, organic ingredients.

    Unique Flavors

    We create the perfect combination of ingredients.

    Love for Food

    We were born to cook and love every minute of it!

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